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May 15th 2012

Matt and the rest of the Mandevilles are going on tour in Holland with Serena Pryne.

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Hey Matt, how are we gonna get the word out about this place?

Danny Nicoletti of Broken Lyre has an idea.



Another sneak peek at the new Roxwells EP. Enjoy.(Rough Mix/Unmastered)





Sneak peek of The Roxwells new disc.




In the Audiomat Studio with Mike Lynch.

A behind the scenes look at the recording of
this country artist's latest release.

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Ashlynne Vince, Taylor Swift Tribute, recorded some spectacular sound clips of the performance she and her band will be bringing to the festival entertainment stage!




"the album was recorded and mixed by Matt Kieghan and Roger Marin Band and was mastered by Matt. Kudos on that boys – the production sounds as awesome and better than many big studio efforts I’ve heard."

George Douglas - Broken Jukebox